Canadian Musicians Keep the Cassette Alive

“LTtheMonk grew up on tapes, because his parent’s old car in the early ’00s had a tape deck…”

The Zombitrol Interview

“The day I turned 18, I watched the movie (The 36th Chamber of Shaolin) that inspired their first album 36 Chambers…”

Hamilton Spectator: English-born hip-hop artist LTtheMonk makes his mark in Hamilton

“LTtheMonk – interesting name, even for a rapper…”

EARMILK: LTtheMonk metaphorically levels up with ‘On The Wall’

“Here to shake up the hip hop scene, LTtheMonk is an international talent who’s bringing clever rhyme schemes, funky tempos, and next level storytelling to the forefront of his music.”

CBC: Owner of Iconic Hamilton Record Store Looks Back

“Furukawa said the best representation of the new wave of Hamilton artists are more like LTtheMonk, a hip-hop artist who blends electronic beats and a more jazzy style.”

FYI Music News: ‘Everybody Wants Some’

“A label press release explains that “Everybody Wants Some” was inspired by Richard Linklater’s 2016 movie of the same name, revolving around a freshman’s first days…”

Wordplay Magazine: ‘Everybody Wants Some’ PREMIERE

“LTtheMonk sat down with Wordplay Magazine to answer our infamous 10 Questions…”

Show Recap: LTtheMonk’s ‘Mixed Kobe’ Video Release

“One of the reasons LTtheMonk stands out is his ability to create space to let these moments happen organically…”

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