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Just as Sanaa Lathan’s character would ask the rappers whom she interviewed in the 2002 movie ‘Brown Sugar’, London’s own LTtheMonk describes first falling in love with hip-hop when he was 8 years old, around the same time that Kanye West released ‘College Dropout’. After hearing artists like Kanye and Twista, LT knew that he had to find out properly what that music was. His love for the culture and genre grew and grew, and at age 16, he began to take the verses he had spent years finessing, turning them into songs. This culminated in the release of his first EP at age 17, ‘The Crescendo’, with friend and producer Tom Misch. That EP was followed by the mixtapes ‘The Whole Nine’ and ‘Jungle Fever’, and at age 20, LT released his 1st commercial album ‘Monk in London’, an ode to his home city. As an artist LT is always looking to push hip-hop forward, and make soundtracks to creativity, representing London, and taking influences from artists ranging from Michael Jackson, Prince and The Beatles, to Jay-Z, Eminem and A Tribe Called Quest. This eclectic love of music is shown best in the titling and inspiration behind his latest album ‘The Dark Side Of The Monk’, inspired by Pink Floyd’s 1973 classic ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’, as well as his travels to California in early 2016.

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“Wu Tang generated Gentleman Wizard but for my genesis I needed something a little different… Became the Monk, painting a picture of peace, dedication to Hip-Hop, my 10,000 hours and more of practice as an MC in the temple of this intelligent movement, culture and life, and also the contradictions we are as people… One tradition associated with many Monks is a vow of silence, but I vow to be a voice… I am LTtheMonk, I be a voice… I am, I be, I am, I be, I am, I be… And I guess I am the Gentleman Wizard, wizard with the words, gentle with the curves… Making soundtracks to my life, and hopefully yours. Ya heard?”